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Since Becoming an IBCLC in July of 2018, I was searching for the perfect way to help serve mothers and families. I am so proud to say that I’ve found it! I’ve joined the Lactation Link team.

Lactation Link is a growing business located in Utah and has recently decided to grow their IBCLC team. I am so excited to start on this journey. To book your E-Consult please use the button below for my booking page! I am also offering pump flange fitting E-consults now! Quick 10 min appointments to find the perfect fit for you! Book using the same link below.


Barbara Demske RN, BSN, IBCLC

Let me help you in your breastfeeding journey!

Why You Might Need A Breastfeeding Consultation

  • Concerns with breastfeeding

  • Having frustrations, questions, and doubt

  • Need some encouragement

  • Going back to work

  • Pumping troubles

  • Prenatal consult before baby is born

**Internet or E-consultation have some limitations. Some breastfeeding problems require in person assistance. Reach out to me if you have questions about whether a E-consultation is appropriate for your situation.

Take A Breastfeeding Class

A breastfeeding class is an excellent way to learn the basics of breastfeeding, some troubleshooting techniques, and also about pumping for your baby if you are planning to return to work. I always suggest mothers take a pre-natal breastfeeding course! Lactation Link offers amazing E-Courses specifically designed to help you feel more confident in your journey. Check out her classes here using my affiliate link or click the button below!

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