Ashley's Breastfeeding Story

My husband Brett and I married August 26th of 2015. We planned on kids right away so we started trying in September. We got pregnant with Marvin in November and he was born August 14th 2016. 

Breast feeding right away was difficult. Marvin had a very hard time latching due to me having inverted nipples. I tried the shield and a nipple extractor and also tried to pump right before a feeding to draw out my nipples. Nothing worked.

Finally once home from the hospital he would nurse with a shield only. He would nurse every 2-3 hours and cluster feed from 7-10pm every night. Around a month and a half he finally latched to my bare nipple for the first time. It took about a week of on and off with the shield but he got the hang of it. Once he learned to latch to my bare nipple it was a new feeling for me so I had to get use to that. It was very painful for about a month and I pushed through the pain because I wanted to continue to breast feed him. He is now 6 months old and is exclusively breastfeed on demand. I hope to let him self wean when he is ready for it.

People can find me on Instagram at ashley__larsen