Bravado Petal Soft Collection Review

This amazing bra has been on my body since it hit my doorstep-no
really it has. When I am home, it is on. Why? Because it is the most amazing sleep bra I have owned. This my friends, is the @bravadodesigns Ballet Nursing Bra from the new Petal Soft Collection. When I first started nursing my first son almost 6 years ago, I had
no idea what I was doing let alone did I know how to dress for nursing. I had a close friend introduce Bravado to me and I fell in love with their Body Silk Seamless Bra (which is still a favorite). I struggled with finding something to wear to bed. Something
non-constrictive yet supportive enough so I could sleep without waking up in a puddle. THIS IS THE BRA I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR SINCE I STARTED NURSING! I cannot tell you just how soft this bra is, the fabric is amazing. The straps are adjustable in the back
so you can tighten. The problem with every sleep bra I have worn is that they stretch overtime-I don't think this bra will do that as it is made with a stretchy fabric.* * * * * Things to note: I ordered a size down as I had the opportunity to
try on prior to ordering. I normally wear a large in the seamless silk, but I ordered a medium and it fits perfect.