Simply Baked Co Lactation Cookies and Cookie Kit

This Review was written by Nadia @calimama on Instagram! Thank you Nadia for your time in reviewing these products for us! 

Let me share my experience with these Lactation cookies by "Simpy Baked Co" This company was born when a mama decided to bake some Lactation cookies to help boost her supply after undergoing an unexpected c-section. She noticed that power pumping and eating her lactation cookies helped her boost her supply and was able to make it to two years of breastfeeding her baby. Everything on her shop is "hand made" and absolutely delicious! I chose the oatmeal chocolate chip flavored cookies and a baking kit but there are lots of options on her shop including dairy free cookies! I am a sweets addict so it was hard for me to only eat 1-2 cookies per day (hahaha self control right?) they are soooo good! I did notice a little boost, I felt a bit fuller throughout the day. I have to admit it wasn't a huge increase but I’m always grateful for any boost I can get, especially since I’m only pumping once a day now. I ate 3 cookies per day and had a little boost.

When the cookies were gone I proceeded to bake my own with the kit. Baking my own cookies was a breeze with this kit! Just needed to add a few ingredients and wala! Another delicious batch of cookies! Yum! I made them a bit smaller but they were just as delicious! Definitely made it so easy for me! I’m not a Betty Crocker type of mom, I'm very far from that! I'm not even a little bit "gifted" in the baking department, but Simply Baked Co made it extremely easy for me! Thank you Kristen! I had always wanted to bake my own "Lactation cookies" but was turned off by all the preparation that's required. This was super easy and fun!

I love this company and their cookies were super yummy! I will returning to get another baking kit! The options are endless! Go ahead and check out her Etsy Shop! You won't be disappointed!

Thank you so much to Kristen for the opportunity to try your products!