Breastfeeding After Major Surgery

My name is Eileen and I wanted to share my story about what happens when your childbirth plan can  be altered from the perfect scenario you have played out in your mind. Also,how it pays to fight hard and see how amazing your body can be. I have two sons, both C-sections. I was having a repeat section on March 28th, my third bouncing baby boy. He was 9 pounds 9 ounces and I couldn't wait to do things perfectly this time around after trial and error and years of experience mom'ing. I had a hemorrhage, lost half of my blood count. Still ASAP wanted to BF in recovery. I needed an abundant amount of transfusions, and right then and there they told me I wouldn't have a milk supply. After working with pumps and my sweet baby's cue's and demands, I successfully BF him despite loosing such a huge blood volume.


I got home, had 3 glorious days of bonding with baby and had pain beyond my dreams. I started bleeding internally and went to the ER where they said I was loosing my blood count so I was actively bleeding and there was a lot. Too much. Surgery. They wanted to do a hysterectomy and as earth shattering as that seemed I was thankful for my babies and just wanted to be healthy. There I went, wheeled back as my husband and sweet boy waited for me to come out 2 hours later. Time passed and they came out to tell my husband things were not going well, the bleeding was too intense for a hysterectomy so in order to find the bleed my surgery became more exploratory. 2 hours turned into almost 2 days and that meant my husband had no choice but to feed our newborn formula, he was so distraught because he knew how much this meant to me to be able to breastfeed. Two days later I woke up, boobies leaking and my first thought was feeding my baby. I was glad they coiled my bleed and I was healthy again but when I went to pump and dump because of the heavy anesthesia I barely got an ounce. I had so many fluids and went through such trauma I was told again, be prepared to not breastfeed, too much happened.


"I fought. I fought so hard"

I fought. I fought so hard. I took fenugreek and my doctor helped me with a milk prescription aid, I nursed and nursed and power pumped and kept my baby boy at my breast every chance.. drank tons of fluids, made sure my diet was good and tried to get healthy and keep my frame of mind positive because I was a pure panic inside. Today marks day two with no supplementation and my baby boy is gaining weight even after I got a finger wag for his weight not doubling immediately. I tried to stay patient and I let my body do what it needed and kept my overactive mind out of it.

 Please share this with other women who are heartbroken after major surgery and want to give up breastfeeding. It can work. We are amazing creatures!

Thank you so much for sharing your story Eileen!

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