The Instinct Of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding was something that was most important to me when preparing to have my son. I started to become doubtful as I heard story after story about how "hard", "painful", and time consuming it was. I was scared I would not have enough milk, that I could not stand the pain, that my baby would not latch etc.

I watched YouTube after YouTube on breastfeeding challenges, I read articles online, books, I even signed up to encapsulate my placenta because I heard it helps with milk supply amongst other things.

Then I spoke with a friend who had recently had a baby... she told me "it's the most natural thing" you got this, don't worry its instinct. At that moment I realized that I should be searching out success stories instead of challenging stores that instilled self doubt. Those simple words changes my outlook... "it's instinct".

I believed it and when my son was born he latched on while I was being seen up after my cesarean. We have been enjoying our breastfeeding journey for 14 weeks and counting....but yeah I did still eat my placentašŸ˜Š

Thank you so much to Dana for sharing her story today! So often we get bogged down with the fear of failure. Sometimes a positive outlook can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. This is also another perfect example why prenatal breastfeeding education is so important. When you learn what to expect, what normal breastfeeding looks like, it can make things much easier after baby is born! 

~Happy Breastfeeding!