Overcoming A Severe Case of Mastitis

Im 26yrs and a first time mom to my son Odin. Yes the King Of Asgard! I’m so thankful for your page, podcast, everything you do for the breastfeeding community to help bring us mother’s together, it’s much more than just a post it’s emotional strength!

Here’s our story: It’s scary, traumatic with graphic surgery pics but I love sharing it! Before I got pregnant I had the thought of “I’ll only breastfeed till 6 months max 1year, why would a baby need to nurse any longer?!” I did not take a breastfeeding class. I had a beautiful birth, and he latched amazing until we got home all the problems started.

I got thrush, then a severe clogged duct. I went to a LLC and the doctors who just told me to watch it and look for mastitis. Every home remedy/treatment and not only did the clog not go away but seemed to get worse! I was suddenly hit with a high fever, and my breast turned bright red, I knew immediately to go to the emergency room. I was sent to a breast surgeon, and put under to remove an abscess that covered 50% of my left breast.

During all this I was 100% breastfeeding my 7week old. I underwent surgery and was sent home with a drain tube 4 weeks of antibiotics, for the results came back as I had MRSA! After the drain tube was taken out I had to pack the open hole every day with gauze, which was so painful!


I finally started doing research, joined groups, followed breastfeeding pages, and learned I wasn’t alone!

I breastfed during the entire time and I am so proud of my new scar I carry as it’s such a powerful journey we went through. Odin is now 18 months old, and nursing stronger than ever! 


Breastfeeding is such an amazing journey that has many different directions and as women open up about their ride not only does it give great advice but gives a mother who’s struggling the peace of mind she’s not alone! My whole outlook on breastfeeding has changed, going 18 months strong with no weaning in sight and I couldn’t be more happier and proud of my body, my baby, and everything we’ve over come!

Thank you so much to Brittney for sharing her story. This is an extreme case of mastitis that turned into an abscess that required surgical intervention. Not all cases of mastitis require such intervention, but it’s important to know that any case of mastitis has the ability to turn severe just like in Brittney’s case. It’s important that you are emptying your breasts fully and frequently and any signs of a clog or plugged duct should be paid attention to. Reach out to your midwife or OB if you have signs and symptoms of mastitis (fever, chills, flu-like symptoms) immediately. Also, seek support from an IBCLC if you are having breastfeeding problems. Frequent plugged ducts, and or mastitis is a sign that you might need some help with breastfeeding! A great resource is Kellymom.

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