Breastmilk Donation After Having a Premature Baby

My story started at 36w2d. I went into labor, and didn’t deliver my baby boy until 5 days later. I spent my entire pregnancy preparing for our breastfeeding journey but I was NOT prepared for what I was about to experience. The first week we experienced a shallow latch, uneducated nurses giving me a nipple shield that made things harder, driving 2 hours one way to the closest lactation consultant, a night in the hospital due to jaundice and crying to my husband every night because I felt like I was failing at breastfeeding.

Finally, once he was 3 weeks old (40 weeks gestation) he got the hang of things, I never gave up on trusting him and trusting my body. I had to remember that Breastfeeding is natural but it doesn’t come natural. My baby wasn’t giving me a hard time, he was simply having a hard time.

But, that’s not where our story ends. I started using my haakaa while nursing and was saving 10-30 extra oz a day, by 4 months postpartum I had donated 3,000 oz to 5 different families.

A little about my donation story-

Prior to getting pregnant, I was a nanny for 3 different families. One of the families had a 19 month old, mom continued to pump for a family who adopted while her son nursed when with her. It was so inspiring to me seeing how happy and thankful the family was for her and I knew that if I ever had the chance I'd want to do the same.

I had my son August 2017, like I mentioned I was using my haakaa during every nursing session so I was producing much more then my son needed. I knew he was going to be a booby baby which I was more then happy about. 

I was a dancer in high school and taught these two gorgeous girls, also babysat them a few times. I'd say close to 4 years ago they announced they were on their journey to adopt, they got matched with a baby due in April 2018 which sadly fell through BUT I had donated a little over 1,000 oz to them. 

The second family I've donated to is a single teen mom who's son has a number of issues, she has inverted nippled and didn't have the support she needed to continue breastfeeding. I've donated 600 oz to her son.

The third family is over 3 hours away, they posted in human milk for human babies on facebook and it just so happened I was headed that way the next week. I donated 1200 oz to their little girl. 

The fourth is to a little girl who is close to my sons age, their little girl had gotten the flu once and could only keep my breastmilk down. Since then, anytime I have milk that's close to expiring I will take it to them! The total amount donated to them is around 850 oz.

And the last family I've donated to was a one time deal because their son was in the hospital a few hours away, I somehow saw their story on Facebook and drove to give them a small but mighty amount of 222 oz.

I also donated to a 40 year old friend of mine who had stage 4 pancreatic cancer!!

The total being 3,782 oz and counting!

I urge everyone that if they have even 10 oz to spare, somebody is in need of it. A baby will drink it! Just think about it, That's multiple "meals" for a baby!! 

Beautiful Photography by Vickie's Photography

While donating is the most selfless thing we can do, having an oversupply caused many issues of its own such as recurring clogged ducts, mastitis 6 times and my little one choking on my letdown. We are 9 months into our breastfeeding journey and although the beginning was rough it’s nothing compared to the beauty it is now. Our bond is inseparable, not to mention I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and nursing him has been my only way of relief. To new moms- PUSH THROUGH! Trust your body! Trust your baby!

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