No. 24 | VBAC Facts With Jenna Bruce CNM

This week, Certified Nurse Midwife Jenna Bruce is back on the show to share evidence based information on VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). VBAC is still a birth option that has a lot of misinformation floating around. Our goal is for mothers to know their options to be able to make informed decisions and feel confident in their choices surrounding birth and VBAC.

Jenna Bruce CNM:

Jenna Bruce is a wife, mom, and midwife currently residing in the Denver, Colorado area.  She has been a registered nurse for 8 years and a certified nurse midwife for 3 years.  She absolutely loves helping women and experiencing life journeys with them, specifically pregnancy and birth! She met her wife, Jessica in nursing school and has been married for 5 years.  They have two beautiful angel babies which were conceived via reciprocal IVF (her bun, Jenna's oven).  Her oldest, Jett, is 2.5 and her youngest, Jude, is 6 months.


Barb’s Birth Stories on the Birth Hour Podcast episode #75

2017 ACOG ( The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) Guidelines

Improving info on mandatory repeat cesarean birth

ACMN (American College of Nurse Midwives) VBAC position statement

More info from ACOG
ICAN support groups

Jenna Bruce CNM along with her wife and two sons.

Jenna Bruce CNM along with her wife and two sons.

Host, Barb after her 1st VBAC.

Host, Barb after her 1st VBAC.

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