No. 5 | Hello My Tribe with Alex Zeplain

Alex Zeplain is our amazing guest today! She shares how she started Hello My Tribe and how important self care is during the journey into motherhood. Alex also shares her breastfeeding journey and her struggle with an autoimmune diagnosis. 

Alex began building community at the age of 19. Over the next five years, Alex engaged thousands of users and together they raised millions of dollars for charity. In 2014, Alex took a step back from her career in philanthropy to focus on being a mother. It didn't take long for her to jump back in, though. Through her own personal journey into motherhood that included an identity crisis, postpartum struggles, and an auto-immune disease diagnosis, Alex's eyes were opened to the maternal health issues facing women today in the United States. Inspired to create change, Alex launched Hello My Tribe in 2016. Hello My Tribe is positive online and offline community for mothers, encouraging all to practice guilt-free self-care and self-love for the benefit of self, family, and society. Alex lives in Austin, TX with her husband, their son, and their two rescue dogs.

Photograph by: Heather Gallagher Photography

Photograph by: Heather Gallagher Photography

Show Notes: 

Visit Hello My Tribe

Motherhood Wellness Guide

Alamo Drafthouse-Alamo for all program for kids and families-SO amazing! I wish I was in Austin to check this out! 

Kellymom-Medications and Mother's Milk resource

Infant Risk Center

To connect with Alex you can email her

OR @hellowmytribe on instagram

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