No. 11 | Confidence In Breastfeeding And Motherhood with Nat The Natural Mom

Finding confidence in breastfeeding and motherhood as a first time mom is hard, but Nat from @natthenaturalmom is a beacon of confidence which is both refreshing and inspiring for all mamas out there. You don't want to miss our chat! 

Nat's BIO: 

I'm a first time mom, obsessed with natural, attachment parenting, breastfeeding and body positivity. 

I have always known I would breastfeed my baby as I've been exposed to it for the majority of my adult life (both of my sisters in law breastfed both of their babies and my mother breastfed me and my two brothers) but I didn't realize that I would find my calling while doing so! I have such a strong passion for breastfeeding that I'm working on becoming an IBCLC so I can help as many mamas as possible nurse their babies and feel powerful while doing so.

I also LOVE to help other women and mothers feel empowered! If I could just get one woman a day to say "I love myself AS I AM, I am STRONG and BADASS" then I can go to sleep happy!  While I understand that it's very difficult to go against society's standards and accept yourself as you are, once you let go of the pressure and negativity associated with those unrealistic standards your life gets much more enjoyable.

Since I'm all about that #momlife and I started my own little business making my onesies and shirts with a heavy breastfeeding influence.  My shop's instagram is @naturalmomdesigns and I can also be found on Etsy by the same name!


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— Llehue

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