No. 13 | The Birth Hour and Breastfeeding with Bryn Huntpalmer

Bryn Huntpalmer from The Birth Hour Podcast joins us today and is spilling the beans on all things breastfeeding, and her podcast The Birth Hour. She also shares all about her birth course! I felt to honored to be able to talk with Bryn. She has been an inspiration to me in the podcasting world and birth world and she really inspires the work that I am doing! 

Bryn Huntpalmer is a mother of two young children (with a 3rd on the way!) living in Austin, Texas where she hosts a birth stories podcast called The Birth Hour. Her mission with The Birth Hour is to encourage women to be informed about pregnancy and childbirth and know their options while creating a community for moms to support one another through pregnancy and motherhood. The podcast has grown rapidly since its launch in 2015 with over 4 million downloads and a supportive Instagram community. This year The Birth Hour launched it's first online course that prepares couples for everything from childbirth through newborn care and navigating breastfeeding when going back to work.

Show Notes: 

The Birth Hour Podcast

Know Your Options Childbirth course

Back-2-Work Breastfeeding Course

Barb's episode on The Birth Hour Podcast #75


Your worth is not measured in how many ounces you can pump
— Bryn Huntpalmer ~The Birth Hour

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