No. 19 | Inducing Lactation: One Mom's Journey





This week Glenis Liz-Decuir shares her journey of inducing lactation for the baby her wife will give birth to in September. From the process to the emotional journey, Glenis shares it all.  I really enjoyed how candid Glenis was with the entire process and her emotional journey. It really is such an incredible gift to give her and her wife's new baby and it's an absolute honor to share her journey. Stay tuned for updates: this is just the first episode in her journey. 

About Glenis: 

 Glenis Liz-Decuir is a 33 years old and happily married to he  wife, Tiffany Decuir. They have 2 beautiful children ages 12 & 10, and are also expecting a little boy due in September 2018! She was born in the Dominican Republic, raised in NYC but recently moved to Atlanta, GA about 4 years ago. She currently works full time, am a student at Herzing University to obtain her degree in Legal Studies and also runs her own small Business! She is passionate about breastfeeding and is a big advocate! She is super excited to share her experience with women everywhere.


Thank you so much for listening to this week's episode of the podcast! I am so excited to share a new journalistic approach to Glenis's story and I hope you enjoyed it. I'd love to hear your feed back. You can leave a message on instagram @firstlatch  and also rate and review the podcast on iTunes  using the button below. 

Disclaimer: The first latch podcast cannot recommend or advise on medical care. Please discuss anything mentioned in this show with your health care provider if you have further questions and are interested in inducing lactation.