No. 34 | All Things Sleep with Alyssa Campbell of Seed and Sew

This week we are chatting all things sleep! So many moms are worried about sleep, and have so many sleep questions. Sleep Consultant Alyssa Campbell of Seed and Sew joins us to share her expertise!

Alyssa’s BIO:

“As the only girl with four brothers, I grew up in the village in the traditional sense, grandparents down the street, running in and out of neighborhood houses.  At age five I could be found walking around with my infant brother in my arms, soothing him to sleep. As the years unfolded this trend continued, caring for multiple children at once in my teen years, supporting single, working moms, and nannying all through college. After getting my bachelors degree I moved to NYC as a live-in nanny to elementary school-aged kiddos and started teaching preschool during the day while they were at school. My heart exploded as I realized my fascination with the tiny human brain and began my master's degree in early childhood education. It was impossible to ignore the role sleep plays in a child's life, as it affects a kiddo's immune function and development. As I dove into research on building emotional intelligence from infancy, sleep science became increasingly more vital, because it's really hard to thrive in this world when exhaustion hits. I began sleep consulting in 2013 after training from a mentor on the components of sleep. Over the years I have had the privilege of serving hundreds of families with sleep support and working with child care centers to guide teachers in the ever-challenging goal of getting tiny humans to sleep in childcare. At the end of 2017, I founded Seed & Sew, the modern parenting village combining experts in the field of early childhood with parents, teachers, and caregivers on the ground. As a teacher I would attend conferences and workshops, had access to specialists in child development, yet parents are often flying solo, tapping into other parents, hoping for some answers. Through consultations, online resources, Voices of Your Village podcast, parent support groups, social media, and so much more, Seed & Sew brings the latest research to folks doing this work with tiny humans every day so they can have the tools necessary to raise emotionally intelligent humans. Ya know what fills my soul? That message from a mama who got quality sleep for the first time in months (...or years) and feels like a whole new woman. The 2 year old who can say, "I feel sad about cleaning up my toys. Can I have a hug?" We believe that no one has all the answers, but together we can thrive, not just survive”

Seed and Sew
 Founder & Consultant, Podcast: Voices of Your Village , Instagram



Bed sharing research with Dr. James McKenna

The Ferber Method

Alyssa will be releasing her sleep course at the end of January which includes lifetime access at You’ll be able to use the code FIRSTLATCH10 for 10% off the purchase of the course!

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