No. 38 | Lactation Link with Lindsey Shipley IBCLC

Lindsey Shipley, founder and CEO of Lactation Link shares her journey today on how she launched her successful business after battling cancer. She also shares her top tips for a good milk supply-you don't want to miss these tips!


Lindsey’s BIO:

Lindsey Shipley is an RN, Childbirth Educator, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, cancer survivor, mom of 2, and founder of Lactation Link! When her second baby was six weeks old, she was diagnosed with cancer and went through two years of treatment.  With education and support she was able to reach her own breastfeeding goals despite facing that challenge. That experience made her passionate about creating a breastfeeding resource families knew they could trust when they experienced challenges of their own.  Through the Lactation Link online video classes, she has created reliable, research-based information that is also easily accessible. She is based in Utah, but her customer base is everywhere because of her online classes and e-consults. Lactation Link has 25 board-certified lactation consultants in the United States with 1 in CAN.



Instagram: @lactationlink


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Lindsey Shipley IBCLC founder and CEO of Lactation Link

Lindsey Shipley IBCLC founder and CEO of Lactation Link

To connect with Lindsey, you can find her on her website here and on Instagram @lactationlink

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