No. 36 | Sarah Wells Bags with Sarah Wells

This week Sarah Wells of Sarah Wells Bags joins the show! From her own breastfeeding journey through the creation of her business, Sarah shares it all! An inspiring episode highlighting how woman entrepreneurs are leading the way in business!

About Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags:

 After the birth of her daughter, Sarah had her entrepreneurial “light bulb moment” and launched Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags, based on a stylish and functional designer handbag that replaces the frustrating tradition of carrying a cheap vinyl breast pump bag or five separate bags for all a mama’s “stuff”. Since that time, Sarah’s business has grown by leaps and bounds, while she speaks with women from across the country about the blessing and challenges of motherhood. Sarah is a mom, an entrepreneur and a women’s health advocate. Prior to starting her business, she spent 15 years running national nonprofit organizations committed to achieving quality healthcare for Americans, with a personal passion to improve policies for girls and women.

 Sarah Wells offers handbags that fit all portable (and some hospital grade) breast pumps on the market, in a wide variety of styles, colors and prices. She also designed the popular “Pumparoo” pouch for breast pump parts (wet/dry bag), and “Cold Gold” breastmilk cooler bag.


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