No. 48 | Postpartum Depletion with Shruti of Freshly Moms

This week, I chat with Shruti, Founder of Freshly Moms. We dive deep into postpartum depletion...something I never even heard of. Such a valuable episode for ALL mothers!


Shruti is graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute and a certified nutritionist. Shruti started Freshly Moms during her postpartum period after noticing a lack of easy and clean eating options for new moms. All she could find was lactation cookies and bars which did little beyond increasing the milk quantity. Being from a culture where a new mother's recovery is a primary focus, she got obsessed with spreading awareness about the importance of nourishing a new mother. She also designed snacks, meal-kits and teas with carefully selected organic ingredients that help new moms recover & replenish, along with supporting healthy breastfeeding. 


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