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Our Mission

Welcome to The First Latch, a community inspired by YOU! I have found that if we support a mother’s breastfeeding journey NO MATTER what it looks like, mother’s are likely to be more successful and also have better feelings about their experience. When a woman is supported in her choices, confidence ensues, and our culture is changed for the better.


My name is Barbara Demske, and I have created this community in an effort to bring breastfeeding mothers’ together. I am an RN with 11 years as a pediatric nurse, as well as an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). When I had a really bad start nursing my first son after a traumatic cesarean birth-I felt lost, hopeless, and alone. I didn’t know anyone who had gone through what I was going through and I didn’t know where to turn. I ended up nursing him for 26 months despite the lack of support, despite an undiagnosed tongue tie, and despite low supply. When I went on the start my second breastfeeding relationship, instead of feeling empowered about nursing again, I was scared. Scared I would fail.



Over the years, and going on to nurse 3 babies successfully, what I have found is that breastfeeding is about more than the milk, it is about the relationship. Breastfeeding is not all or nothing. It is a continuum of ups and downs, and no matter how it looks for you, it is enough, it is OK, and you are doing an amazing job.


I hope that here at The First Latch, you find strength, confidence and peace in your breastfeeding journey no matter how it looks for you. Browse through, read stories, check out resources, and consider sharing your journey with other moms. 

Children just don’t get milk from breastfeeding, they get our energy too.
— Stephen Gaskin